[365me] SF One Day

He already started breaking down emotionally before he even crossed the finish line, crying like a kid on his first breakup. The end of a very long day of running for Brian Krogmann. Tears of victory from a runner who just 6 hours before, thought his goals were going to slip away. He would charge back, run the most miles he has ever run in one time, break the course record by 10-miles and win

Rick Gaston (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-29
[365me] SF One Day Course Walk-Through

Join me for a lap on the 1.06 mile loop of PCTR's San Francisco One Day 12 & 24 hour run. Runners with the most miles wins! Running past the time mat by the start/finish tent. What is not seen is the new large screen tv displaying the names of runners and the laps they have completed. Pace, miles completed and overall standings is also displayed.Coming into the aid station. The dry erase board

Rick Gaston (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-29
[Fit From Fat] afternoon

2.3 treadmiles - 10:00 pace mostly, finished a little faster. curls. pushups.

Mike (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-29
[Dirt Diva]

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, there’s no sense making them.

I ran 3 miles yesterday and my lower tendon on the inside of my right leg was sore. Today I ran/walked with Rocky 2 miles and it felt better.
I haven't gone to crossfit this week but have been doing a few tabata wods the last couple days.
I will start back on Monday :-) only because I am heading out of town tomorrow.
Rocky and I will head to visit Andy, in Sierra Madre ,we have a busy few days planned.
Friday we will all walk in the Sierra Madre Halloween parade that should be fun.
Saturday they have the biggest Halloween party around for dogs it's in SoCal. They have a parade and costume contest. Should be fun.
We will also go to see, Where the wild things are Saturday night.
It's been a couple months since I have been to Sierra Madre. Andy was busy and the weekends he was free I was busy. Yes it's a challenge being in a long distance relationship. We both know it won't be like this forever.
I will be down a couple times in Nov. and in Dec. and Andy will be visiting here in Dec.
We have a few races we will be running together coming up so that will be fun too.

I am so excited to be going to Sierra Madre and visiting all my friends there. That city is awesome everyone is super nice and everyone knows each other.

I'm heading to work soon today is busy I'm teaching a healthy eating class on raw foods and I also teach my get fit class today. Busy Busy Busy :-)

Catra (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-28
[Running Journey] The Dreadmill Cometh

It's not quite even November and already I'm starting to dread running outside in the cold. This year I bought some cute cold weather running gear but that didn't help me while I went out for 3.3...

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socaltrailrunning 2009-10-28
[Fit From Fat] Close Encounters

Feeling very much recovered from my intense one day sickness of Monday night, I decided to go run tonight. 4.5 miles in Blacklick. The nature trails (where Dick says I can't run) were beautiful in their new carpeting of leaves. I immediately set off at a pretty good clip for me, and wondered about the wisdom of this, but just kept up my stubborn meter and refused to slow down. I looked at my clock on my mp3 when I started and it was 5:04. I figured anything under 45 minutes for 4.5 miles was great since I was recently sick.

Kept up the pace even though the ankles and calves rebelled just a little, but that is just normal after a layoff for me, so I kept going. Coming back with only about a mile to go, I was still cruising fast and running on the little "boardwalk" sections in the woods when I see a shape RIGHT next to me off the left side and it was a female deer. Now, I am not kidding here, I have never been this close to a wild deer in my life before. If I would have reached out good to the left I would have smacked her nose. Honestly, it freaked me out for a minute. I thought "good thing it's a she as I hear they are in rutting season and the boys can be frisky..." In fact, someone up on one of the Cuyahoga Valley runs got hit by a deer a little over a week ago.

So, a quarter mile later, and Mr. Buck goes charging across the trail in front of me, about 80 feet up. That was the first time I have seen a buck in this park. My eyes told me he had about 8 points on his rack of antlers.

I kept hammering the pace (for me) and figured I had a chance at 40 minutes based on how fast I felt I was running. I ran hard to the finish and checked the clock - 5:42. Holy crap - 38 minutes for me for 4.5 miles is pretty good! I did that math and it broke down to 8:27 per mile. Nice.

Mike (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-28
[Tales of the Trail Goddess] Salt Fork Run

Best run I have in a long time. Just fabulous. Just great to run through the crunchy leaves.

This is down by the lake, although the lake has now retreated quite a way from this buoy.

I found these interesting. Does Larry and Rose remember this, from 1984? Are they still together?
I wonder if this is a lost art form of graffiti. Do teenagers even wander in the woods with a pen knive in their pocket? Do they know what a pen knife is?

A good run, can you tell? LOL.

Kim (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-27
[Fit From Fat] 14 becomes 7, now I know why

I set out to run 14 miles at Highbanks yesterday. I drank a bottle of "wasp juice" mixed up from powder that Moose gave me pre run. Started in with the legs feeling very good, but before a few miles was up my stomach was feeling funny, and because the wasp juice was new to me, I was honestly blaming that a little bit. I burped through the nasty tummy feelings and kept going. Ran a really solid section of 4+ miles feeling good and motoring up all climbs with my hill climbing gear. Somewhere with about 1.5 miles or so to go in the first loop, I lost the desire to run much and sat down on a bench to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I had been thinking that I wished I could freeze time and the weather and enjoy this climate indefinitely. The temps, skies, everything was just perfect. I laid there on a park bench enjoying the scene and a leaf feel down and landed on my face (the one in the picture - I held it up to get it in the shot I took.) Then I wrote a poem on my blackberry (had to carry it for work) about the day.

Trees with no leaves
brown leaves
yellow leaves
orange leaves
rustly crispy leaves
green supple leaves
leaves leaving trees soaring their unique paths to the ground.
Time will freeze here soon enough.
I wish I could freeze time here.
I am whole and alive here and now.
The winds ebb and blow out these luminous candles all too soon for my taste leaving behind too many months of dormant candle sticks waiting for the fire of
rebirth, the phoeniculation of springtime.

(Don't ask me about phoeniculation - it is a made up word that I have had floating in my brain for a few months. Sometimes I make up words. It is fun.)

So I came home after 7 miles, somewhat defeated that I didn't have the stuff to go on for the whole planned 14. I had a subway sandwich and fell asleep on my couch. I woke up about two hours later, in the grips of Mr. Flu. First the back end, but I knew the front end was going to spew, so I called work and warned them about possibly not being able to fly the next day. Within another hour or two, the front end opened up and had me googling what to drink after puking to get the taste out, etc. I respect Mr. Flu now, but he also made me a feel a little better that my desire to stop my run was physiological only by sickness and not a lack of fitness. I knew that my legs felt fine and I was running good, so it was weird that I just didn't want to run anymore. A few days down and I will be back at it!

Mike (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-27
[Dirt Diva]

LOVE WHAT YOU DO...............
If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple: Know what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing. And believe in what you’re doing.
O.A. Battista
Ok so I didn't reach my goal of over 100 miles But I ran 97 miles at the SF 1 Day and several hours later after a nap and taking care of some stuff, I took Rocky out on a 3 mile run/walk to make sure I completed 100 miles. It took me 33 hours but I can add another 100 miler to my books :-)
I did it for me and no one else. Running 24 hours of flat is harder then anything else I run all year. It is the challenge that keeps me coming back.
I had stomach problems and major sleep issues. My knee was bothering me. I was a lot slower then I had planned.
My BF Andy also didn't reach his goal of 115 miles he barely made 100 miles. The funnest part of the run was spending it with him. We ended up hooking up together after I reached 40 miles I think and stayed together all the way except when I ran off and was faster for a couple hours.
we enjoy suffer together it's fun.
Thanks to everyone who sent messages that really helped. And thanks to Ron for showing up with his Family and making that awesome sign. And thanks Ron for running some miles with me. We need to get together for a run at some point. You Rock :-)
I am feeling a little trashed today so I will rest and not do crossfit like I planned. I did take Rocky out but I ran for like 10 min. and had to walk the rest of the 25 min. we were out.

photos by Rick Gaston

Catra (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-26
[Running Journey] The Rain in Spain

Saturday was one of those fine rare days here in the fall. It was sunny and 60. Doesn't get much better than that in Portland in the Fall! We took advantage of what could be one of our last "nice"...

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socaltrailrunning 2009-10-26
[rundangerously] 2009 police pumpkin chase 5k: race photos and results

the police pumpkin run 5k was the second race of the day, following up on the 6.8 mile great train race in the morning. the great train race began in downtown new canaan and finished in wilton. the police pumpkin run was a return to new canaan, where the course ran through waveny park. my 21:56, 7:04 pace, was good enough for first in my age group!

will write up a short race report and add a link to the results once they're posted.

here are a few (post) race photos:

rundangerously (rundangerously@gmail.com) 2009-10-26
[Running Journey] What happened?

Somehow I managed to run 4.5 miles on Friday in 42 minutes which basically is my fastest pace for a run in the past 3 years. What happened?? Not that I'm complaining. And I did take a bathroom break...

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socaltrailrunning 2009-10-25
[onepinkfuzzy] "Long" Run with unexpected benefits

I am so excited about a "long" run -- it's Sunday, and I am going to drive to Sabino for four miles on trails. I haven't trail run since April. Now that physical therapy has catapulted me from limping while walking to actual 2-3 mile walk/jogs, I am ready to hit the trails.

My car disagrees with me. The battery is dead.

My valiant knight in a beige Suburu comes to the rescue. Chris drops me off at Sabino and promises to return in a little over an hour. As we pull up, I see a gaggle of trail runners at the trailhead -- TTR held a run this morning! I run to grab a hug from "That's what I'm talking 'bout" Bob and then see Troy, who I paced at JJ100 last year and haven't seen in ages. Talking to him is David, a fellow pacer at JJ100 last year. I'm so exctied -- it's been too long since I've interacted with fellow trail runners. Troy decides to do a cooldown by running with me, so we take off down toward Phoneline.

When I'm in training, I utilize Phoneline to do 9-mile laps. Up the trail, sidelining high above the canyon for five miles, then down, down, down the tram road. My intention this morning is not so ambitious. I just want to get up Phoneline to the Cutoff trail, which will take me to the tram road and back out for about 3.5 miles. I'll run a little back up the trail I started to get the full 4 miles I want.

I explain my Garmin is set for 2min walk/2 min run, and we start talking like we just saw each other last week. Conversation flows as easily as my feet follow the trail. It feels so good to be out moving again, getting out of breath. We hit the major hill, which I used to walk -- even in training, and Troy hears my Garmin beep. "That means it's time to run, right?" he asks as I continue walking. "Yeah, but it's uphill!" I protest. "Well, just run 50 steps, then walk 50 steps or until you catch your breath." Well, that's easy enough, I think, so I give it a try. Sure enough, I'm granny-shuffling my way up Phoneline, 50 steps run, 50 steps walk. My knee and hamstring are solid, there's no pain, twinges or tingles. The endorphins are flowing through my body and I remember that this is why I run.

We finally hit the downhill and I fly, fly, fly. My favorite part! At the bottom, it's smooth and fun, and even though my Garmin beeps at me to walk, I ignore it, reveling in the freedom of flying down the hill. I extend my arms out to my side and travel back and forth across the trail, flying like an airplane. Wheeeeeeeeee.......

We hit the road and make our way out, walking the last majorly steep hill. On the backside of that, within sight of the Visitor's Center, I feel my first tingle in my hamstring and decide to just walk it out for a good cooldown. Upon arriving at the trailhead, we see Renee, whom I haven't seen in ages either. I take off down the trail to get my last half-mile in and when I return, another old friend has just finished his trail run and so I catch with him. Then I see my friend Mo who just finished her run as well. I can't believe how many of my friends are at the trailhead! I rest in the shade, waiting for Chris to arrive to pick me up, and I am grateful for a boyfriend who will drive 20 minutes out of his way -- twice -- to get me to the trails, seeing so many old friends, lucking into fantastic running buddy, and most of all, I am grateful for the health to be able to run at all.

Angie's Pink Fuzzy 2009-10-25
[Tales of the Trail Goddess]

13 miles around the neighborhood this morning.
A view from the bridge over I-77. This is the bridge with the blue braces way south of Canton. I'm about five miles (road) from home here. As the crow flies, more like 3 miles.
One of my favorite valleys to run into.

Not that great a run for me. The cold air made the last 4 miles pretty much hurt my throat and lungs. Maybe I need to get back on the trails.

Kim (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-25
[Fit From Fat] Dear Mike

Dear Mike,

Thank you for coming out tonight to walk amongst my trees and see the leaves I have cast upon your trails. I trust they appeal to you visually, and do not disturb your evening walk. Thank you for briefly honoring that Dick's request and only walking (4.5 miles) tonight vs. running, although please know that you are most welcome to resume running at your will. It does not cause me anymore distress than the walking, and I kind of like watching you runners cruise along.

Please keep visiting me throughout the winter as many of my summer friends seem to forget about me once the mercury begins to dip. I get lonely as the snow falls, and I hope you will be a regular visitor.

Many happy returns (to me!),

Blacklick Trails

Mike (noreply@blogger.com) 2009-10-25
[rundangerously] 2009 great train race: photos and results

ran the great train race this morning - a hilly 6.8 mile point to point course that starts in new canaan and finishes in wilton. it's one of my favorite races in connecticut. i finished in just over 49 minutes (49:07), a 7:14 pace. that was a 2+ minute improvement over my 2008 result! i'll write up a race report and add link to the results once they're posted.

here are some photos:

rundangerously (rundangerously@gmail.com) 2009-10-25
[rundangerously] captain lawrence brewing: "flaming fury" limited release

yesterday, instead of the trip to prospect park in brooklyn, for the nike human race 10k, a weather induced audible made me change directions and head north, to pleasantville, for the limited release of captain lawrence brewing company's "flaming fury," a sour ale, infused with peach! this is not beer profile suitable for most (nay i say, even some hard-core) beer aficionados. the pucker inducing sourness is definitely an acquired taste. but i've managed to acquire one over the years and love these wild american ales - in the european lambic tradition.

i wasn't the only one it seemed. a limited edition of 750 (small 375 ml) bottles sold out in well less than an hour! in fact, when i got on line - maybe 12:15 - my "number" from the pull tag machine was a whopping 737!! i was surprised, no shocked, at the relatively huge turnout out because (a) the beer wasn't a typical release and (b) the weather was downright lousy! my luck held out and there were 4 bottles (maximum per person) waiting when i finally reached the makeshift table set up inside the brewery.

concurrent with the release, regular customers were headed inside the main tap room for growler refills - and samples! and, outside - yes in the lousy weather - craft brewers had set up on the picnic table (strangely at home in an industrial parking lot - ha) and were sampling each other's recent creations. the entire scene - inside and out - was a heady (couldn't resist that easy pun) atmosphere.

in addition to the samples of the sour ale i tasted while on line, i also got to taste (dare is say it?) copious quantities of their pumpkin ale - which was the perfect seasonal accompaniment!

for those curious, here is the beer profile (courtesy of captain lawrence):

Flaming Fury – Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Peaches. This one is for the sour lovers out there, and I mean real sour lovers. I will be very blunt; this one is one of the more intense sour ales we have produced. It sat in the barrels for well over a year, aging with NY grown peaches from a local farm and Brettanomyces. The flavors are fruity and sour, with a very lively carbonation (chill well before opening, like champagne)

Release Date: October 24th – 12pm
Price: $10 – 375ml bottle
Sales: Limit 4 bottle per customer
Production: 750 bottles

rundangerously (rundangerously@gmail.com) 2009-10-25
[An Ultra Runner's Blog] Hydration for the Long Haul

After suffering through a miserable cold this week, I finally decided today to set out on trail, feeling well enough for the first time in several days. I used to run with a cold all the time, but found that doing so gave the virus easy pathway to my lungs. Not that I’m 100% yet, but I’m well enough to get out under a crisp blue sky and sun drenched trees.

I’m pretty sure today was the longest time I’ve spent on foot on a single run since Western States. Total time logged was 4 hours and nine minutes, which felt like butter for the first 2 ½ hours, while I stayed well below my max aerobic heart rate, climbing gently up San Joaquin Hills road and under good shade, until crossing over to the Coyote Canyon trail that parallels Ridge Park Road. Along this trail, which sits in the heart of Newport Coast but is unused if not unknown to most, the fall shadows loomed over the rocky terrain and ancient caves. Fall is most certainly here and with it is a brand new season to explore.

One of my objectives today was to go the distance self supported, without refueling along the way. I want to know how long and how far I can run without a water source, and what kind of equipment I can reasonably carry on a long sustained run. The system I used a few weeks ago, a Patagonia hiking pack with 120 ounces of water, a sleeping bag, a mat and bug net was a disaster and I don’t know what I was thinking when I started up Holly Jim trail. Sometimes naïve enthusiasm can carry you a long way, and it did, until I realized I couldn’t run in the contraption without the bag bouncing up and down more than a worn out Cadillac hurling over massive speed bumps.

Thanks to a fellow ultra runner and blogger Ian, I realized that they actually make bags for runners that can carry this kind of gear and water. I purchased one he recommended to me, the Camelbak Rim Runner, which holds 100 oz of fluid (3 liters) 1590 cu in of cargo. I loaded the bag up with about 80 oz of water, some bars, a sweatshirt for girth, and set out on trail. They bag worked great, had minimal bounce (I’m still trying to get used to Camelback because I’ve been using a Nathan hydro pack for over a year), and I made it the full 4 hours without having to stop for water. I felt so great around 2 hours that I called my wife and said I was going to be out for a couple more hours.

From the top of Newport Coast, I dropped into El Moro State Park along the Fence Line and Missing Link, and over to Laguna Coast Wilderness on the southern most ridge, and then down to Laguna Canyon Road, and back via the Ranger Station hill. The climb out, well, was not so fun and the butter it felt like earlier was beginning to curdle inside of me. Oh how I miss these long runs!

Will (wcooperjr@cox.net) 2009-10-25
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